Eyelash Extensions Add Sparkle to your Eyes

by Katie

Hair extensions have been the rage for quite some time. Think of how often you’ve seen a celebrity with short hair one day and a full head of long, flowing hair the very next week. Though it might seem that movie stars and rock singers have the fastest growing hair on the planet Earth, they actually have hair extensions. These extensions give extra length and fullness to a person’s hair. When added properly, extensions are practically undetectable.

Eyelash extensions do the same thing for the eyelash. They thicken and lengthen. The result of the thicker, longer lashes is bold, modern and provocative. Eyelash extensions look natural and add that extra shine to your smile. Because your extensions make your lashes thicker and longer, they eliminate the need for mascara and other eye makeup. This gives you a cleaner, fresher appearance and no reason to worry about going swimming or walking in the rain.

Eyelash Extensions - Before and After

Eyelash Extensions - Before and After

False eyelashes have been around for a long while. They were glued to each eyelid to add the appearance of length and thickness to the existing lashes. They were only worn for one evening or one special event. Sometimes they would come loose at an inconvenient moment and droop. They could also fall off. There’s a new wrinkle to false eyelashes—false eyelash extensions. These are not your mother’s false eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are among the hottest new beauty enhancement treatments available today. They make eyes look youthful, sensual and alluring. Permanent eyelash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions are basically the same thing. Each is an extension to an individual eyelash that lasts as long as the eyelash does. An eyelash typically lives two to three months before it falls out. When the donor eyelash falls out, the extension falls out too. Typically, eyelash extensions last from two weeks to two months. While they’re on, the wearer can swim, shower, sleep and do just about anything they’d normally do.

Only a certified cosmetologist can apply eyelash extensions. To do so, they use a special pair of tiny tweezers to separate the individual eyelashes. As they find strong separate lashes, they attach the extension to the lash. To apply eyelash extensions salons use a special cyanoacrylate adhesive. This is the very same glue that doctors use to close surgical lacerations during and after operations. It is safe for the skin, it resists water and it provides a light, tight bond for the original donor lash and the new extension lash.

The lash extensions are slightly curved to follow the natural curve of the original lashes. They’re quite resilient and will not fold or crimp like old false eyelashes would. They weigh next to nothing and are unnoticeable to the wearer.

The price of eyelash extensions is quite reasonable, especially when given the dramatic results. Based on the number of Hollywood movie actors who use them, they must provide a lot of bang for the buck. Famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Star Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell and Liz Hurley wear eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension costs vary, depending mostly on the type of extension used. Synthetic lashes are the least expensive option. Silk hairs are more costly than synthetic hairs. There are very expensive lashes available, as well. They are made from the hairs of minks that are bred on special mink farms. Their hairs are obtained by combing the minks. Their loose hairs are gathered and sterilized. Then they’re shaped for the job ahead.

A set of eyelash extensions can run anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on the cosmetician and the type of lashes used. It generally takes an hour and a half to two hours to attach them. An average person might have anywhere from thirty to eighty lashes per eye. The variance in the number of lashes accounts for the difference in how long it takes to apply them.

Extensions are available in black, brown, silver, purple, and other custom colors. They can be purchased in lengths ranging from 6mm to 17mm. There are three thicknesses available. The lashes are arranged to give the most natural look by closely matching the hairs to your lashes. The curvature of your eye is also followed for a natural look.

An eyelash extensions removal is easy, if you can’t wait for the lashes to fall out naturally. Your cosmetician can use a solvent to loosen the glue and remove them.

False eyelash extensions are as hot as Georgia asphalt. In the past, only the very wealthy could afford them. Now, there are synthetic and silk options available that bring the cost of the extensions down to a more affordable level for the average consumer. While mink may be beyond the reach of most folks, the other choices are not so painful.

A Guide to Eyelash Extensions Removal

by Katie

Quite naturally, most women adore having as fabulous and beautiful a face as possible. In addition to lipstick, foundation, blush, eye powder and mascara, one of the most beguilingly feminine things a woman can do to her face is to lengthen her lashes. The hottest new trend to this end is professional eyelash extensions.

We’re talking about scientifically-tested, opthalmologist-proven eyelash extensions that are applied with the highest quality, medical grade adhesive bond. This is the healthiest and safest way to go for women who desire that lavishly long and delectable eyelash length. These eyelash extensions run a broad gamout of color palettes, sizes and textures. For the safest and most professional results, they should only be applied by a certified, trained lash artist, who will most likely be a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician or a beautician highly trained and experienced with this procedure. The typical process takes under an hour, even though it can be a tedious lash-by-lash process. Cost ranges between $100-$300 for a full set of even the longest, most fully curled eyelash extensions.

If applied properly, your eyelash extensions can last up to two months. You can also be allowed to apply mascara as long as you don’t sroke it on too heavily. These extensions are incredibly lightweight and the best grade are completely devoid of any carbonate, silicone or glycol. The styles range from distinct and steeply curled to subtle, glamorous and upscale, or trendy and natural.

It’s very important to make sure that your professional lash expert has been certified by only the most reputable lash extension training companies to their highest, maximum standards. The product labels will inform you that the strong adhesives are not hazardous to either the eyes, the skin, to swallowing or to inhalation. You don’t have to worry about how to remove them since that is a simple 1-2-3 step process. You simply steam your face above a hot bowl of water for five minutes to loosen up the lash adhesive/glue. Then you take a small cotton ball and dip it in bowl of olive oil. Then gently run it over your eyelash area. You’ll see that the adhesive will quickly and easily dissolve. You may want to remove your extensions if you’re going to engage in strenuous athletics for a time or be taking a vacation from your daily grind. They can easily be applied again in short intervals with no affect on safety or durability.

If, for any reason, you experience difficulty in removing your eyelash extensions with the aforementioned technique, you should not force it. You should either immediately revisit your cosmetologist or aesthtician for their assistance, or you may be able to get help by scheduling a visit to your optometrist or opthalmologist and following his advice. But over 95% of the time, invariably, you’ll be able to easily remove your eyelash extensions with the steam and olive oil approach.

Many women have commented that they find themselves getting “hooked” with these extensions. They find the look and the feel so captivating and alluring that they admit they’d never go back to applying the old fashioned false lashes with plain Jane mascara ever again. It’s truly an overwhelming sensation of satisfaction vis-a-vis the incredible, ultimate fashion statement a woman can make with professional eyelash extensions. The look is beyond compare. It’s visually so striking, so enticing, that the compliments you’ll receive from others will just pour in. A professional set of extensions will boost your self-esteem knowing you truly look the very best you can possibly be. It’s wise to prepare before going in to have your extensions applied for the first time. Take a shower and wash your face well. You can apply your regular make up if you wish but don’t overdo it since the cosmetologist applying your extensions will want to first get an overall picture of the texture and geometry of your facial structure in order to best recommend the preferred styles and looks. It’s suggested you comb your hair exactly as you normally would so, again, the aesthetician can glance over your total look to get the most optimal picture of which lash extensions will suit you best. Most of all, go into the appointment relaxed and confident that they will be applied in a safe, professional manner with excellent results.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions – A New Option for Easy Glamour

by Katie

Long, thick eyelashes have always been a fashion staple. In the past, those who were not born with naturally long, thick and curly lashes had very few options to transform their sparse eyelashes into a thick, head-turning fringe. Mascara is a temporary way to enhance eyelash length and thickness. Mascara minimally lengthens and thickens, but the application often leaves unattractive clumps and lumps, often leaving women with spiky, uneven lashes. Mascara removal is often difficult, and can cause lash loss in the process. False eyelashes are another temporary option to solve the problem of short, sparse eyelashes. But the application of false eyelashes can often be difficult and time intensive. And, if not applied with precision, false eyelashes look like false eyelashes.

However, there is a new trend in eyelash enhancement – Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. Much like hair extensions worn on the scalp, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a natural-looking, easy to maintain option for eyelash enhancement that is growing in popularity around the country. Semi permanent eyelashes are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester that mimic the look and feel of natural hair. Each extension is applied individually to the base of the natural lash using a hypoallergenic, flexible adhesive. The extension is applied with precision, then trimmed and curled to achieve the desired look. When applied by a professional in a salon, semi permanent lashes can last from four to six weeks before a touch-up is required. The initial application takes approximately two hours, depending on the desired look. Touch-ups can be applied in as little as 30 minutes. The natural lash is not damaged during the process of the lash application. The adhesive is applied to the base of the lash, and has no direct contact with the skin providing low risk of allergic reaction. New growth for natural lashes occurs every two to three months. During the new growth process, existing lashes are shed to make room for the new lashes.

Semi permanent eyelashes are easy to maintain. For the first 24 hours subsequent to the application of the lashes, one should avoid the use of water on the lashes to ensure that the adhesive is properly set. Eye rubbing is also discouraged to avoid pulling off the freshly applied lashes. After the 24 hour waiting period, water based facial cleanser and makeup remover may be gently applied as needed. Because semi permanent eyelashes add thickness as well as length, eyeliner and mascara are not required to obtain a healthy, wide-eyed look. The use of semi permanent lashes saves preparation time because one can simply wake up and go. But if the use of mascara is desired, a water based mascara may be used. Mascara should be gently and gingerly applied to avoid rough handling of the lashes, or lash loss. Semi permanent eyelashes will not interfere with everyday activities such as swimming, showering, or exercising. However, activities such as steam rooms or swimming should be avoided for the first two days to ensure that the eyelash adhesive has fully bonded with the natural eyelash. If one desires to remove the lashes, the process is easily done in less than thirty minutes. Semi permanent eyelashes are safe for contact lens wearers. One should be careful when inserting or removing contact lenses as rough handling may cause eyelash loss.

Semi permanent eyelashes are a wonderful option for a fashionable everyday look. But for those desiring something extra daring and extra dramatic, lashes can be applied in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors for special occasions. Many different looks can be obtained, depending on the thickness of the extension and the desired curl. The price for salon-applied semi-permanent eyelashes averages around $200 – $250. Touch-ups can be obtained for $100 or less. When choosing a salon, be sure to find one that is reputable and clean, and can offer references upon request.

Enhance Beautiful Eyes With Permanent Eyehash Extensions

by Katie

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. If this is true, having beautiful eyes is essential. Beautiful eyelashes will not only draw attention to the eyes, but they will enhance the overall beauty of the face. Eyelashes are an important part of aesthetic beauty. With permanent eyelash extensions, long lashes no longer have to be a fantasy.

Permanent eyelash extensions, when applied properly, can last for up to two months and sometimes longer. Permanent eyelash extensions fall out with the natural growth cycle of lashes. The natural growth cycle of eyelashes grow and fall out in cycles every 60-90 days. This is a constant cycle always set in motion. It is normal to lose a few eyelash extensions during the first week of wearing them, but it will not be much. When properly cared for and maintained, touch ups are only needed every four weeks.

Proper care and maintenance of eyelash extensions includes not exposing the lashes to any form of water or steam for the first 24 hours. No oil-based products should be used around the eyes. Water-proof mascaras must always be avoided when wearing eyelash extensions. Avoid tugging on or rubbing the eye area. Be extremely gentle with the eyelash extensions. Following these steps will definitely maintain the extensions and prolong them.

When having eyelash extensions applied for the first time, expect for it to take anywhere from 90-150 minutes. After this, touch-ups should take approximately 15 minutes. The process is painless and relaxing. The client rests comfortably while the extensions are applied by a skilled professional. Lash extension specialists receive special training and are certified, so rest assured that quality and competence are being received.

The procedure itself is technical and meticulous. Eyelash extensions are applied one at a time to the existing natural lashes. They are bonded with a special adhesive glue (which is completely invisible with the finished result). It is imperative that during the first 24 hours of having eyelash extensions applied, they are treated with extreme care and very gently.

Permanent eyelash extensions truly look so beautiful that mascara is not necessary. However, for individuals who really wish to apply mascara, it can still be applied. A water based mascara will be mandatory when applying it to the eyelash extensions. Some eyelash extension brands carry their own lines of mascara. Ask your lash extension specialist for details.

Permanent eyelash extensions are an excellent alternative to wearing false lashes because they do not feel as heavy or irritating on the eyes. Additionally, they also look much more natural. The line of false lashes can be clearly seen, but with permanent eyelash extensions, no one will be able to tell for sure that they are not in fat natural lashes. This has many benefits. Makeup will look more beautiful when the eyes are accented with beautiful, full, luxurious lashes. Long lashes open up the eyes and provide a feminine, sexy look.

There are many different choices when it comes to eyelash extensions. There are different styles with some looks being more dramatic and some being more under-stated. Eyelash extensions are great to have applied before getting married or any special occasion, however, they are also excellent for every day wear. For busy lifestyles, eyelash extensions are a perfect choice as they require little maintenance and mascara will no longer be needed. Beautiful lashes truly have an eye opening effect and make the entire face look more attractive.

When selecting an eyelash extension specialist to receive services from, it is important to make sure that they are certified. This is important because when eyelash extensions are applied by untrained and/or unprofessional individuals, unsatisfactory results can be seen. This can also cause damage to the natural lashes. With that said, simply doing some research and asking to see the specialist to see a certificate will avoid any problems.

Eyelash extensions can be a beautiful addition to your beauty routine. They can provide instant drama and cut down on daily makeup application times. Batting your lashes has never been so fun!

Information About Eyelash Extensions

by Katie

Eyelash extensions can be the perfect alternative for people who have either very thin lashes or almost no lashes at all. Even if you have a full set of eyelashes, you can still benefit from having extensions adhered to your lashes- especially if you are trying to make a fashion statement with a pair of boldly colored eyelashes. Here is some basic information about eyelash extensions that you should know before you make the investment.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are three different types of eyelash extensions- synthetic, silk and mink. Mink tends to be at the higher end of the price of eyelash extensions, while synthetic are less stressful on your pocket book. All of the types of extensions can come in a variety of colors and lengths- some even have the option of adding gemstones to the new lashes depending on how much you’re able to spend. You will generally find the synthetic alternative readily available as opposed to the two other kinds.

What the Procedure is Like

The procedure for having eyelash extensions put on is actually pretty complicated in that it is a rather time-consuming endeavor- the average session lasts a couple hours. However, having them put should be entirely painless. A licensed esthetician will carefully take each individual natural eyelash and separate it from the rest. Once they have carefully separated the single lash they will adhere the extension to it with special glue called cyanoacrylate adhesive.

After you get the extensions fully adhered to each lash you will have to allow the glue to dry for at least a day. After that you can begin taking showers like you normally would- you can even swim with them on. While the price of eyelash extensions is a lot heftier than temporary fake lashes, they are designed to withstand all of the wear and tear your natural lashes do for at least several weeks. Keep in mind that you will also want to avoid certain types of makeup remover when you are cleaning your face at night.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions

You can expect the cost to be around a couple hundred dollars to start with. Some extension procedures cost considerably more than this- think in the thousands. The price of eyelash extensions really depends on who you go to, what kind you get, and if you decide to tack on any extras. For instance, aside from having jewels adhered to the lashes you can also opt to purchase clinically approved eye makeup so that you don’t damage your new lashes. The majority of extensions fall between the range of $220 and $500 for the initial procedure.

The Benefits of the Procedure

Eyelash extensions are designed to feel entirely weightless for the user so that they do not hinder any daily activities by being uncomfortable. This means that after they dry you can resume any normal routines you normally partake in- aside from applying some types of mascara.

The nice thing about getting extensions is that you don’t have to hope your mascara will fill in for any volume your natural lashes are lacking. Since you can choose to get black extensions you can almost eliminate the need for any eye makeup at all. This makes it easier and much less of a hassle getting ready in the mornings- especially for busy moms or professionals who just don’t have the time to get dolled up every day.

Some Final Thoughts About Eyelash Extensions

The price of eyelash extensions in your area will vary. Some places allow cosmetologists to adhere them, while others require that only licensed estheticians handle client requests for the extensions. The final cost will of course be directly influenced by what type you decide to get.

Just remember that when you are trying to come up with a figure for the price of eyelash extensions that you factor in the cost of occasional touch ups. Eyelashes fall out just like any other type of hair, and if the lash falls out that the extension is adhered to you will need to replace it. If you neglect to maintain them, eyelash extensions can have the opposite effect that you desire. Plan to set aside around half of what you paid for the entire set for each touch up.